Shore Swing Golf Academy | Offering instructions, clinics and camps for every age, gender and ability | | (609) 204-1503
  1. Individual Lessons
    Individual Lessons
    See our rate schedule for our individual lesson packages. Juniors, Harbor Pines members and Veterans get a discount off our already affordable rates.
  2. Group Lessons
    Group Lessons
    In addition to our clinics we will accommodate groups from work, organizations or families.
  3. Juniors
    We provide juniors the skills necessary to compete in high school or the local JGA Tour. We provide an improvement plan for each junior to reach their goals.
  4. Clinics and Camps
    Clinics and Camps
    We offer clinics and camps for every age, gender and ability and cover all areas of golf.
  5. Equipment
    We provide re-gripping and club repair by certified club repair specialist Frank Hanlin. To contact Frank call (609) 457-9845 or email [email protected]

Shore Swing Golf Academy

  1. "Roger is a great and patient teacher. He changed my attitude about golf. I was at the point where I was ready to give up the game. He worked with me over a few weeks and improved my attitude and swing that I am again competitive. Thanks Roger."
    Paul Stewart
    Testimonial of Paul Stewart for Shore Swing Golf Academy
  2. "I always have a great time whenever I work on my golf game with Roger. His instruction at the academy is the main reason I stuck with the game and developed into a good player. With Roger's help and guidance I've learned to have fun playing golf and love all aspects of the game."
    Brett Alleva
    Testimonial of Marybelle Daclan for Shore Swing Golf Academy
  3. "Roger is very informative on feedback with drills taught, but most importantly, I learned how to pinpoint and correct my mistakes on the course. Thanks Roger!"
    Stan Hasson
    Testimonial of Stan Hasson for Shore Swing Golf Academy
  4. "Roger is an amazing instructor and a best friend. He makes golf fun by cheering me up in good and bad times. He is a fun person to work with."
    Katrina Cabinian
    Testimonial of Katrina Cabinian for Shore Swing Golf Academy
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